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Biological Fire was founded in Solarino, near Syracuse, in Sicily, in 2006 by Augusto Biondo.

Our company was born with the aim to offer on local market ecological products as a wood pellet, almond shells and nocciolino of pomace.

Our products are used for domestic and industrial sustainable heating system as a stoves, boilers and burners for stone ovens and mechanical ovens.

During the years, our company is specialized thanks to continuous studies in the sector, in the processing and marketing of the best products on the market, always focusing on choices based on the quality of all materials and bringing continuous innovations in mdod to give an increasingly efficient service to our customers.

After a decade of the foundation of the company we managed to have excellent results and to become a leader in southern Italy in this sector.

Our dealers are present on most of the Sicilian territory with the aim of expanding our market to give the possibility to every single consumer to take advantage of our products and our services.

Thanks to the direct relationship with foreign and Italian suppliers, we are able to guarantee products with a high quality-price ratio.
After a decade from the foundation of the company, we managed to have excellent results and to become a leader in southern Italy in this sector.



Batta premium quality pellet

      Pallet intact of 90 bags of Batta premium quality pellet.



Dried Sansa

      Pallet intact of 60 bags of Dried Sansa.



Nocciolino of pomace

      Pallet intact of 60 bags of Nocciolino of pomace.



Almond Shells

      Pallet intact of 60 bags of Almond Shells.


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