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 The history of pellet

The history of pellet

The history of the fuel obtained from wood processing waste. Have you ever wondered where the story of the pellet is born? This is how wood waste residues have become one of the fuels most used by households. The history of the pellets and its use in the field of alternative energy, are located between the '70s and early' 80s. The global energy crisis of the 70s, in fact, pushes technological research to look for new alternative sources.

The pellet thus changes its function. From the feed sector, its production evolves to be adapted to the renewable energy sector. In the early 80s, in the United States and Canada, the first industrial settlements were created for the production and use of pellets for energy purposes.
In Europe, and consequently in Italy, the production and use of heating pellets has a much more recent history.
Just think that 10-15 years ago, pellets still constituted a niche market.
Today, it is instead considered an economic, safe and ecological solution. And for everyone.
In addition to wood, the pellet has characteristics that make it far more performing and sustainable. In addition to a simplicity of use and storage much greater.
In 2016, the pellet market in Europe reached a value of 19 million tons a year.
According to the Minister for Economic Development, in 2016, the most important renewable source for the production of thermal energy was bioenergy and in particular solid biomass.
The pellet is:

  • Economical because a pellet stove heats a lot and consumes little. Thanks to the intrinsic characteristics of the product, but also to the convenience with respect to the prices of gas oil and methane;
  • Safe and ecological because it is made from wood processing waste. Burning, it produces lower emissions than those produced by wood and its ashes can be reused as fertilizer;
  • Practical, because storage and supply of pellet bags is much easier to manage and organize.


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