Market surveys and analysis

Using the results of the analysis of our market, we put together an effective business plan to get the best results for our business.

Guides and specifications

We will put together a detailed and specific guide from all the information of our brand products to make sure that everything produced by our company meets your needs.

At the service of our customers

We have the skills and resources to offer you the best products on the market. If you would like our company product or our advice, we can provide you with the services you need.

We always try to offer excellent ecological products!

Opening time


We have the experience to seek and offer higher fees to reach and exceed the quality level of the market.

What we offer

We work to guarantee the end consumer a high quality product and do research to understand the needs of our customers.

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The history of the fuel obtained from wood processing waste.
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The stages of production of the pellet

The process concerning the production of pellets involves several phases of preparation of the raw material to allow the plant to work effectively ...

Certifications of the pellet

The certified pellet responds to parameters dictated by the certifying body.
The certification standards vary from country to country ....

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